6 Tips for Finding the Best RV Repair Shop

A survey on the RV industry after the Coronavirus found that 20% of people are more interested in RV living as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic. With RVs continuing to gain popularity, it is also essential for owners to learn more about RV maintenance and RV repair. 

Part of this is finding a reliable RV repair shop to help you should any RV problems arise. Do you want to learn more about choosing the best RV repair shop for your needs? 

Keep reading this guide for the top 6 tips for finding the best RV repair shop. 

1. Industry Experience

Industry experience is one of the most important things you must consider when you are hiring a company for your RV repairs. You cannot take your RV into any auto repair shop and expect the same quality of services. 

You need to make sure you find a repair shop that is qualified to work on recreational vehicles. They must have the training and knowledge necessary to understand the ins and outs of your RV. 

Hiring a company that specializes in RV repairs and services will ensure that you get the best quality services. 

You should also ensure that they have plenty of experience in the industry. If they have been doing RV repairs for years, you can feel confident that they know what they are doing and are a reliable company. 

2. Offers Plenty of Services

To make sure you find an RV repair company that meets your exact needs, you must find one that offers plenty of services. This way, you can find a single repair shop that can offer any repairs you need now or in the future. 

Some common RV services that you should search for include roof maintenance, break and bearing services, appliance services, and more. If your RV was involved in a collision, you should also find RV body repair shops. 

You may also want to inquire about service plans. These make it much easier to take care of your RV and do preventative maintenance to prevent costly repairs. 

3. Consider Distance

Something else that is important to consider when you choose an RV repair shop is their distance from you. While it is easy to find an RV repair shop in your hometown to provide minor maintenance before your camping trips, what will you do if your RV breaks down on the side of the road? 

One thing that you might consider is finding a mobile mechanic. These companies can help you with complicated roadside problems no matter where you are. Because they come directly to you, you will never have to worry about towing your RV to a repair shop. 

You can also ask locals for help finding a repair shop. If you are at an RV park or know another person who owns an RV in the area, they can provide you with trusted recommendations for a service shop nearby. 

4. Research Reputation

To make sure you are working with a qualified and reliable RV repair shop, you should research the reputation of a company before you take your RV in for a repair. 

One way you can do this is by reading RV service reviews online! Online reviews are important for businesses and can give you more information about their past customers’ experiences. 

Make sure you only look at reviews from trustworthy and unbiased websites. These include Google Review, the Better Business Bureau, and more. 

Another way you can find an RV repair shop with a great reputation is by asking an RV campground manager for recommendations. They have a lot of information on the subject and can provide you with a reliable local RV repair shop. 

5. Find a Licensed Repair Shop

Before working with a mechanic, it is essential that you make sure they are licensed and insured. Every state will have different guidelines for business owners. A repair shop with the proper documentation will ensure they are qualified and up to industry and state standards. 

If businesses have expired licenses or no license at all, they may not be safe to work with. They could have poor safety measures, low-quality equipment and parts, or other dangerous business methods. 

6. Get a Pricing Estimate

Finally, you can find a reliable company to work with by getting several pricing estimates for your RV repairs. Often, RV repair shops will set their costs based on the cost of parts as well as the labor necessary for the repairs. These repairs will affect the real cost of RV ownership

Each company will have a different method of calculating the final price for your repairs. To make sure you get the best price, you can contact several different repair shops to get a pricing estimate. 

This way, you can shop around for the lowest rates. When you get an estimate, make sure it is in writing and includes other details about the repairs. This way, you will know exactly what you are getting for your money!

When you get estimates from companies, you can also ask them for information about their warranties or service guarantees. 

Need Help Choosing an RV Repair Shop in Idaho?

Finding the right RV repair shop is essential when you own an RV. By considering each of these factors when you are choosing a shop for RV collision repair or maintenance, you will find a high-quality company to work with!

If you are looking for RV body repair shops and other services in Idaho, Leisureland RV Center can help! We offer everything from roof inspections to de-winterizing services and more. Contact us today to learn about our RV body shop repair services or to schedule an appointment with our RV experts!

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