8 Travel Trailer Maintenance Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Do you know that more than 11 million US households now own a travel trailer? Travel trailers are more popular with campers and travelers. Because RV’s give more flexibility on travel arrangements and are most economical when tripping with the whole family.

However, proper maintenance is crucial to enjoying the perks of owning a travel trailer. It’ll not only relieve you of the burden of frequent repairs but also make your significant investment last.

Learning common maintenance slip-ups is vital if you already own an RV or are looking to purchase one. Here are the eight travel trailer maintenance mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Not Inspecting Before Purchase

Failing to inspect your travel trailer before buying it is one of the most common maintenance mistakes you can make. While you may be in the haste of buying a perfect RV, it’s unwise to overlook giving it a thorough inspection. So before buying any, ask for all its maintenance records, including details on damages or accidents it has undergone.

If you’re inexperienced, you can take the travel trailer to RV dealers in Idaho for a thorough check-up. This way, you’ll identify the exact problems it might have and whether they’re minor or major issues. Also, you’ll know those issues that require immediate repair from a professional.

Also, a good inspection will allow you to see issues that might need repairs in the future. Such inspections are comprehensive and include checking the vehicle’s breaks and roof for damage. Also, your inspector will focus on checking holes in cushions, leaks under sinks, and cracks in walls.

Sometimes, your inspector may overlook some inaccessible areas during the inspection process. So, it’s good to ensure the basic inspection is done on the RV’s batteries, gas systems, and water lines before making your final purchase.

2. Failing to Check Tire Pressure

Tires are one of the essential parts of your travel trailer. They determine whether you’ll drive safely and get to your vacation destination or not. So forgetting to give them a regular check-up is a serious mistake that can cost you dearly.

Before embarking on any journey, it’s recommended you inspect the tires of your RV first. Look for any damages or punctures and use a tire pressure gauge to check on the tire’s pressure.

Ensure all the tires have the right amount of air before starting your long drive. This is because driving with low or overinflated tires can be risky. If you’re not sure what proper pressure looks like, don’t take chances; seek help from an expert.

3. Loading too Much Cargo

Travel trailers are designed to allow you to carry basic items during your journeys and vacations. However, you should be aware that RVs have a weight limit. Before loading your RV with your favorite things, research its weight limit. This way, you’ll ensure that you aren’t overloading your travel trailer. You’ll be mindful of what you’re bringing with you on your journey.

It’s important to note that overloading your RV with cargo can be detrimental. It causes severe damages to the chassis and the suspension systems. Besides, it makes driving difficult, thus putting passengers and other vehicles on the road at risk.

To avoid this, don’t carry unnecessary items during the trip. If possible, pack heavy items at the bottom or in the middle of your travel trailer.

4. Not Cleaning Up

If it’s your first time using a travel trailer, ensure to brush up on your RV etiquette. For example, if you use the RV’S campground, ensure to clean it up before leaving. RV enthusiasts know it’s their responsibility to dispose of any trash gathered during their stay.

If possible, do a walk around even after cleaning your snowmobile camper. You’ll identify anything misplaced and put it back to the condition you found it.

Failing to clean the travel trailer after use might delay you during your next trip. Because you’ll be required to do the cleaning first before starting the drive. Also, it might make the vehicle have an odor smell that can cause discomfort during the journey.

5. Not Covering Your Roof

Failing to cover the travel trailer’s roof is common with the new RV owners. This mistake can make the water get into your RV, thus causing water damage. So, it’s necessary to ensure your RV roof is covered with a waterproof roof cover while sleeping or relaxing.

Quality RV roof covers will also keep you warm in cold weather and regulate temperatures when it’s sweltering.

6. Overcleaning the RV’s Floors

Even though it’s good to keep the floors of your RV clean, avoid overcleaning them. The floors of a travel trailer are made from light materials that don’t handle lots of water. So, deep cleaning them is a mistake.

Cleaning them this way can cause corrosion and rust issues that might need expensive repairs. If you’re not sure about the proper way of cleaning your RV’s floor, seek guidance from a professional. Also, you can research further on the right method of cleaning these floors.

7. Forgetting to Put Awnings Down

If your RV has awnings, it’s okay to get them up for use. However, forgetting to put them down or leaving the slides in for long is a serious mistake. This is because they can cause wear and tear on your travel trailer or make it difficult to take them down when a need arises.

To avoid this, always remember to take your RV’s awnings down after use.

8. Not Checking Window Seals

Neglecting to examine the window seals of your travel trailer is a bad idea. Broken or cracked seals let water seep into your RV, thus resulting in severe water damage.

Ensure to check your RV’s window seals consistently to avoid these damages. If it’s your first time owning a travel trailer, take it to a repair shop for check-up purposes. The best part is that repairing trailer damage like this one is cheap, and you can do it by yourself.

These Are the Travel Trailer Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid

Taking good care of your travel trailer is overwhelming. It would help if you did so much to ensure your RV is in good condition and doesn’t sustain severe damages.

Above are the common travel trailer maintenance mistakes and how to avoid them.

Do you want to learn more about regular trailer maintenance and common trailer issues? At Leisureland RV Center, we can help you. We offer RV’s for sale and educate our clients about their maintenance. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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