A Complete Guide to Finding RV Dealers Near Me

RVs (short for recreational vehicles) are more popular than ever, and the millennial generation is flocking to them as a means to experience the Great Outdoors in comfort. They also offer a unique way to bond with your travel companions, including your pets, and can help you save money on travel-related expenses like lodging.

Are you looking to get in on this trend and hit the road and are growing tired of searching for “RV dealers near me” but not knowing what to look for?

Read on to learn everything you need to know about finding the best RV dealer.

Your hunt for the ideal RV dealer begins online. You should be able to find a number of dealers in your area.

Once you’ve located a few local options, you’ll want to check to see if previous customers have left reviews of their service. This can help you narrow down your list.

Make sure to read the reviews thoroughly. Many unsatisfied customers will leave negative reviews for things out of a dealership’s control, but some can provide valuable insights into an untrustworthy company.

You’re looking for reviews that mention professional conduct, prompt customer service, and fair prices.

Consider Your Ideal RV

Choosing a recreational vehicle can be difficult, and there are a plethora of vehicles available for every budget. Some are quite large with sleeping arrangements for up to seven people, making them suitable for family vacations, and smaller models are ideal for more intimate trips.

Some RVs need to be towed behind a truck and others, called motorhomes, can be driven on their own. 

You should also consider the kind of activities you plan to do on your RV adventure. For instance, if you’re an avid biker, you’ll want a vehicle that can stow your bike.

While many RVs afford you the ability to travel in luxury, others are suitable for offroading so you can take the path less traveled.

Find a Dealer With Plenty of Options

Now that you know what your perfect RV trip looks like, you’ll need to find a dealership that can offer what you’re looking for.

The best RV dealers offer all kinds of vehicles from a wide range of brands. A sizable selection opens you up to many different possibilities.

Limiting yourself to a dealer that only offers a particular brand means you’ll only have a few options at a given price point. You’ll also be limited to just a few different kinds of floorplans.

The dealership should also offer both new and used RVs. Used vehicles can usually be purchased for much cheaper than their brand-new counterparts, making them an attractive option for someone who is new to RV-ing. Buying used also allows you to get a larger vehicle at a lower price. 

Quality Customer Service

The ideal RV center treats you with respect from the moment you walk into their showroom to the time you pull off the lot with your new RV in tow.

They’ll talk with you about what you expect out of your vehicle and steer you toward ones that will serve your needs. When it comes time to make the sale, they’ll work with you and explain your different financing options. 

In your dealings with the customer service team, you should never feel pressured or belittled. You should aim to work only with professionals that value you as a future member of the RV community.

Look For Warranties

You’ll want to protect your purchase with a warranty, so be sure to find a dealer than offers a warranty program. Recreational vehicles have many different parts and systems that can be expensive to fix.

The best warranty programs protect your vehicle for life and have no hidden fees or restrictions. If you can find a dealership offering nationwide coverage, you can be sure that you’re working with a trustworthy dealer that stands behind its customers.

The Importance of Staying Local

If you’re looking to buy an RV, you need to find a dealer in your local area. You’ll be returning to the dealership plenty of times while you own the vehicle, so you need the location to be convenient. 

The Buying Process

Buying an RV is a significant financial investment, and many people want to make sure everything involving the sale of the unit is sorted out. This means you’ll likely have to return to the dealership a few times before you drive your new RV off the lot.

Buying from a dealer close to home makes this process much more convenient. 


You’ll need to bring your RV in for service occasionally, and the best place to get that is at the dealership you bought it from. 

Due to this, you’ll want your RV service provider to be close to your home to limit the time you spend traveling back and forth.

An RV dealership without a service department is also a major red flag. You’ll be left to sort out your maintenance issues. Your local mechanic may not be able to service it.


At its heart, RV-ing is all about community. The time you spend together with your loved ones is the most cherished part of any RV adventure.

This sense of community extends to your dealership. Let a local business be the one to get you out on the road so you can experience all RVs have to offer.

Finding RV Dealers Near Me

If you’re looking to get a recreational vehicle and hit the road, simply searching for RVs near me isn’t enough to find a quality dealership. You’ll have to do a little research into the dealer, beyond Googling “RV Dealers near me”, make sure they offer the kind of vehicle you’re looking for, and inquire about the perks of their warranty program.

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