Destination Trailers for Sale: 6 Things You’ll Need To Consider

Have you been thinking about changing your living situation? If so, you may want to consider looking into destination trailers for sale!

You can downsize a bit, spend less money, and enjoy camping more often! Whether you choose to travel with it sometimes or place it in an RV park more often, buying destination trailers can be quite rewarding.

But before you get one, there are a few things you need to know. Keep reading to make sure you are going through this list before making the big purchase!

1. Determine the Layout and Floor Plan 

The first thing you want to figure out when it comes time for you to look at destination trailers is what floor plan you are looking for. Since destination trailers aren’t as big as most homes, they can be tighter quarters. Because of this, you definitely want to choose a layout that fits your needs.

Pay attention to where the bedroom is in relation to the rest of the home, make sure your kitchen layout is ideal for how much you like to cook, and look at the seating and entertainment areas to ensure you have ample space.

Last but not least, you want to take a look at how the bathroom floor plan is laid out to your liking!

2. Inspect the Entire Destination Trailer

Even if you are buying new, you still want to go through and inspect the entire destination trailer.

Something could have hit the outside and dented it, there may be rust somewhere from certain weather if it has been sitting outside, or there could be another problem.

You’ll want to check for mold since this can indicate underlying problems like excess moisture around the destination trailer. This could also be a sign of a leak in the trailer.

If you are not quite sure what you are looking for, you can also hire an inspector to do the job for you.

3. Learn About the Amenities

Before buying the destination trailer, you’ll want to learn a little more about what it comes with.

For instance, you may want one that comes with an awning so you can sit outside in the shade wherever you travel to.

Here are a few other things to consider when looking as well:

  • how many people it sleeps
  • if there is a pull-out sofa
  • size of the water tank 
  • number of slide-outs the destination trailer has
  • what trucks can pull the destination trailer if need be
  • types of gas used for cooking
  • cooking appliances that are in the trailer
  • having a kitchen island for more space

These are just a few of the many different amenities that you could have in your destination trailer. Looking around at different ones will give you a better understanding of what you want.

4. Understanding the Hidden Costs

When it comes time to buy a destination trailer, you are paying for more than just the destination trailer itself. There are going to be other costs along the way.

For instance, you are going to have to pay for wherever you want to place the destination trailer for extended periods of time, like camping sites or RV parks. If you are not using it for a period of time, you will also need to pay for a storage site.

There will also be maintenance needs for the destination trailer. Used destination trailers will typically need more maintenance since they are older, but it may be worth it if you spend less on it from the start.

You will have to purchase insurance for the trailer as well. Additionally, you need to make sure your own vehicle can tow the trailer; otherwise, you are also looking at another cost to be able to tow it to where you want it to go.

5. Figure Out the Warranty 

Having a warranty on destination trailers is a must. Without it, you could be looking at a lot of money out of pocket if something goes wrong.

A warranty is a way that you are ensured that if something goes wrong – whether it is damaged, has a broken or missing piece, or something else – you are covered. The warranty will replace any broken or missing parts and cover repairs that need to be done.

For instance, you may get a 2-year warranty. This means that for the first 2 years that you own the destination trailer, everything that that warranty states is covered. However, after those 2 years, you are no longer covered.

At Leisureland RV Center, our destination trailers come with a warranty forever – that means you are covered for as long as you have it!

6. Have a Plan 

Buying a destination trailer without a plan can be quite disastrous. Where do you plan to go with it? Where are you going to park it?

You need to ensure you have your finances in place and a plan for what happens next for things to go as smoothly as possible.

Destination Trailers for Sale

Looking at destination trailers for sale can be quite the experience and a rewarding one at that.

If you feel like it is time you had a destination trailer in your life, then start looking! At Leisureland RV Center, we have so many for you to choose from! We have new and used options, so don’t hesitate to come out and look today! 

With our highly-knowledgeable staff, reasonable prices, and large inventory you may even drive away with a new home!

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