How Much Is My RV Worth? Here’s How To Find Out

Did you know that over 11 million households in the United States have an RV? 

If you are reading this article, you are likely in that group. However, life gets in the way sometimes and in those situations, selling an RV may be the best bet for you. 

If you are considering selling an RV, you are probably asking yourself how much is my RV worth. 

Well, there are a lot of factors that go into determining that value. There are also a lot of resources that you can use to try to sell an RV. 

Read on to find out all of that information. 


Something you can do to get an idea of what is an RV worth is to put it up for sale on an open marketplace. With this path, you can sell it for whatever someone is willing to offer for it. 

The only downside with this option is that if you do not have enough demand for your RV on those platforms, you may not get what it is worth. You also likely have to put it up for sale yourself on those platforms. If you do not price it accurately, buyers may place a low bid compared to what you can get with other resources. 

Consider this option carefully before going in that direction. 


One way to get an estimate of what your RV is worth is to have an appraiser come and look at it. With an appraiser, it is their job to determine an accurate valuation of your recreational vehicle. 

So, what does this do? It has an expert come in and determine what a fair offer would be for your vehicle. This is determined through a variety of factors, some of which we will get to later. 

So, if you want someone that has an unbiased opinion to look at your vehicle, perhaps this is the route that you should take before putting it up for sale. 

RV Website 

There are some websites out there like ours that are centered around RVs. That means that not only do you have access to information about RVs, but you also can put your RV up for sale.

There is another advantage to going this route as well. You can see what similar RVs are selling on this website by checking out the inventory

It will have the details about the factors that you need to consider with each RV to determine its worth. The good news is because you are on a website that is catered to RVs, you are more likely to have an accurate assessment of how much similar RVs to yours as worth. 

Use this as a guideline to determine your own selling price and have the peace of mind of knowing that you are likely to get a fair offer on it. 

Factors of RV Worth 

So, there are a few different factors that you have to keep in mind when it comes to determining the worth of your RV. The few below are some of the biggest ones. 

Mileage and Age

When it comes to any vehicle, one major factor that will affect its worth is the mileage it has on it. The less mileage it already has, the longer that it is likely to last. 

For reference, the average RV is expected to last just over 200,000 miles. While some RVs can go up to 300,000 miles, there is typically a lot more maintenance required to get them there. 

Say you use 200,000 as a lifespan benchmark. This means that the vehicle may last between 10-20 years depending on how much you drive. 

If your vehicle already has 150,000 miles on it, some people may think it only has three years of life at best on it. However, if your vehicle only has 50,000 miles on it, others may believe that there is over a decade of life left on it. 

That alone makes your vehicle worth more. Age comes into play as well for this reason. It is a factor in the lifespan of your car. 

Say that you are trying to sell an RV in 2022. The RV that you have was made in 2005. That may have people hesitant to buy it for a high price because it was made so long ago. However, if it was made in 2015, it would be worth a lot more. 

Size of the RV 

Another factor in determining the worth of your RV is its size of it. Let’s face it, the bigger your RV, the more storage space you have and the more people you can fit in it. 

If you are a minimalist traveling by yourself, you are not going to need a bigger RV. However, if you want to use this RV for your entire family, you may need a bigger one. 

This is divided up by class size and depending on how big your RV is, it could go for a lot more money if it is on the larger size. 

How Much Is My RV Worth? 

These are things that you need to consider to answer the question, how much is my RV worth? If you factor in the size of your RV and the mileage on it, this can give you a good idea. Do not forget to get it appraised and use an RV site to sell it. 

Are you ready to part ways with your RV? Sell it here today. 

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