RV Dealership Near Me: 7 Things to Consider When Buying an RV

The open road, endless adventure, and the ability to be off the grid.

If these things appeal to you, you may be looking to buy an RV. With that, you’re basically getting a home on wheels that goes wherever you want to go.

The dessert? The coast line? An RV can take you and all of your comfort items there with you.

Before you search “RV dealership near me,” let’s take a moment to dive into things you should consider before visiting the RV dealership.

1. Narrow Down Your Choice of RVs for Sale

Before you decide to go to the RV dealership, you should have narrowed down what type of RV you are thinking about. First thing’s first: Do you want to buy an RV new or used?

There are benefits to both, but ultimately the choice is yours.

Once you know that, you will have to decide what type of RV specifically that you are looking for. You can choose between a Class A motorhome (the largest of its class that can drive itself), a fifth wheel (which needs to be towed by another vehicle), or anything in-between!

2. Rent the Type You Like First

Before you dive head first into purchasing an RV, you may want to try out the RV life before you buy one for yourself. This way, you can figure out how they work and what life would be like in one.

It will also help you figure out different RV features that you feel you need or could do without.

If you decide that you like it, then you are reassured that you are making a good decision to buy an RV, and you will know exactly what to put in it!

3. Consider Your Finances

It is one thing to buy an RV, but it is another to deal with mechanical issues and repairs that the RV may need down the road.

When choosing what RV to buy and when to buy it, you should always have a cushion of savings just in case something goes wrong unexpectedly.

Most RV dealerships, including used RV dealerships, won’t repair the RV unless you bought it from them.

For a rough estimate of things that you may need to replace down the line and the costs of them, here are a few:

  • Roof replacement is about $7,000
  • Front-wall rebuild can run up to $3,000

Of course, there are other repairs and replacements that may not be as expensive. However, it’s important to be prepared if you are going to own an RV.

4. Always Inspect the RV Before Purchase

Taking a quick glance at an RV before purchase is not going to cut it. You want to make sure you take a peak at every single inch of the RV. Don’t forget to look at the top of the roof and the undercarriage of the RV as these are important parts as well.

Don’t skimp on looking at the plumbing or the bathroom fixtures as these types of repairs can be costly as well.

So what should you look for? You want to look for signs of mold, any floor damage or buckling, and signs of exterior damage. You should also ask about the age of the tires and the history of the RV because there may be some things you cannot see but will want to know about before purchase. 

5. Look Around to Know What the RV Is Worth

With such a hot market right now, RV prices can be quite outrageous. The last thing you want to do is overpay for an RV when it is not worth the price you get it for.

To make sure you are getting a good deal, be sure to shop around online for various prices of a similar RV model to yours. It should be around the same age, the same make, and have similar wear and tear.

6. Look Into Storage Options

If you are buying an RV, you may plan to live in it year-round, or you may only want to use it in certain months. If the latter is the case, you will want to look into quality storage options.

The sun and harsh outdoor weather conditions can do a lot of damage to an RV over time, so it is best to park it somewhere indoors and out of the sun. And if you do plan on storing it, make sure you understand how to get it ready for storage before leaving it behind.

7. Understand the Warranty

When you purchase the RV, you will want to understand everything about the purchase itself.

Is it under warranty? Or are only certain parts under warranty? Will they help you repair specific parts if something goes wrong?

You will want to ask these questions when it comes time to purchase the RV from the dealership. Getting the answers in paperwork is also a crucial part of the purchase.

Now Search “RV Dealership Near Me”

Now that you know what to expect when looking for and purchasing an RV, it’s time to search “RV dealership near me.”

If you’re in the Boise, Idaho area, we should pop up for you! And lucky you, we have some of the best options out there – both used and new RVs for sale! 

Ready to do some RV shopping this weekend or even tomorrow? Contact us now and we will answer any questions you may have before you come visit us!

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