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Home Hunting: How to Find the Best Mobile Homes for Sale in Boise

"Friends don't let friends rent."

That might be good advice if you are looking for a home to buy in the greater Boise area.

In the last decade, home prices have risen by over 250% in the Boise metro area. Even renting a new apartment or house can cost you thousands of dollars.

But that's not the only way to live in the area. Buying a mobile home for sale can offer substantial savings in your monthly housing budget.

So what is a mobile home? Are they more of an alternative to renting, or should you seriously consider one as a full-time dwelling? Here are the answers to some common questions about finding a mobile home for sale in Boise.

How to Find a Mobile Home for Sale in Boise

When it comes to the term "mobile home," there are several different meanings that this can take on. A mobile home could be a house that is not structurally in the ground. It could be a travel trailer, an RV, or something else of the sort.

In this case, we'll be talking about RVs and travel trailers as an option for affordable homes for sale in Idaho.

Once you decide you want a mobile home, you may be stuck with how to find one. You may also not be sure how to get started living in one! Here are a few tips.

Do Your Research and Decide What You Want

The first thing you need to do is research. You'll want to look into the different types of mobile homes you can choose from, and what mobile homes are available in the Boise area for you to get!

The various kinds all have different layouts, amenities, and more, so it's important to know what you want in one.

Purchase and Insure

Once you know which one to go with, you can make the purchase! As soon as you do, make sure to get insurance for your mobile home. You'll need to insure it in the right way, which will depend on how you want to use it - mobile or traveling.

How Much Do Mobile Homes in Boise, Idaho Cost?

Mobile homes can differ in price depending on a lot of different factors. If you are looking at a destination trailer, you can expect to spend anywhere from $60,000 to $90,000, depending on the trailer you choose.

The same goes for more traditional motor homes and fifth wheels as well.

The Downsides of Buying a Mobile Home for Sale in Idaho

One of the cons of buying a mobile home is that they can potentially depreciate in value rather than appreciate like a normal house because they are considered personal property. They are also out on the road, so much like a car, they depreciate in value over time.

Because they are personal property, they can also be more expensive to finance, with typically higher interest rates than a typical home. However, this depends on where you place the mobile home and what type of mobile home you get.

Additionally, mobile homes are traditionally parked in a mobile home park, which means you will have a landlord that you will need to pay rent to. If you want to move it out of the park, it can cost thousands of dollars to do so as well, depending on the type of mobile home you have.

Lastly, mobile homes are not as sturdy as traditional homes, so if a tornado or severe storm strikes the area, it is more prone to damage.

Why Destination Trailers Make Great Alternatives to Mobile Homes in Idaho

There are quite a few advantages to buying a destination trailer in Boise rather than a traditional home or a mobile home!

Depending on where you park it or if you choose to drive it around at all times, you won't have HOA fees or even rent to pay. With a mobile home, even though you own the home, you'd have to pay rent if you chose to park it in a mobile home park.

You also don't have to deal with the upkeep of a yard as you would with a mobile home. Instead, you just have to deal with the upkeep of the destination trailer itself.

Benefits of Using a Destination Trailer as Your Home

Destination trailers are usually cheaper than traditional homes and mobile homes, which means you can start to save more money if you want to! Not only that, but you can move this home around. That means you can move around to travel around the country or even multiple countries if you have the right documents.

Additionally, when buying a destination trailer, you may also notice that your energy and utility bills are cheaper than a traditional mobile home. That's partly because it is smaller, but if you choose to install solar panels on the roof, you also are garnering free energy. This is a great way to maximize energy efficiency.

How to Get Started Living in a Destination Trailer in Boise, Idaho

Once you make your purchase, it's time to get started living in your destination trailer!

You'll first have to familiarize yourself with how it works, the controls, how to deal with gray and black water tanks, where to get clean water, and all of the other basics when it comes to living in a destination trailer.

You can then furnish the home and decorate it to make it yours.

Finding a Mobile Home for Sale in Boise

Now that you've read all about how to find a mobile home for sale in Boise, you may want to get one!

You can check out the various options on our site! There are options for used RVs, destination trailers, fifth wheels, and traditional motorhomes.


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Destination trailers are perfect for extended living and anyone looking to make the most of a permanent site. With solid surface countertops, a residential oven and refrigerator, a full walk-in shower, and washer and dryer prep, these units come prepared for everyone. Their unique floorplans allow you to make the most of your view, with living spaces and dens in either the front or back to view mother nature. If you're looking for a great alternative to mobile homes, these destination trailers are your best option. Take a virtual tour of any of our destination trailers here.